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Show your content in before after comparison slider style easily with this block plugin. It allows to make comparison between photos, videos and google maps. In addition, a lots of customization options allow you to customize everything as per your need.

Native Interface

The Beaf plugin provides Gutenberg native interface that makes it easy to understand.

Easy Integration

Very simple and easy to integrate with Gutenberg. You can start designing with a few clicks

Highly Customizable

The Beaf comes with a lot of customization options that help to achieve any design as per your need.

Key Features

Discover the top features that make our product unique and powerful.

Native Component

We have used the Gutenberg native components to build this block plugin. You will find it almost like Gutenberg core blocks.

2 Ways Comparison

Horizontal and vertical two-directional comparisons are included in our plugin.

2 Swipes Mode

Drap and hover two types of swipe modes are available in our plugin.

before after comparison slider
Slick, Light-weight, Fast

The plugin is super simple, lightweight, and super fast. No jQuery dependency at all.

3 Contents Type

Make before-after comparison slider with 3 types of content, for example: Photos, Videos, and Google Maps.

Highly Customizable

Customize easily anything you want. Add your colors, typography, spacing, etc

Affordable Price

Pay once and use lifetime for unlimited sites.
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Beaf Slider

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Unlimited Sites License
Pay once, use Lifetime
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What Our Customers Say

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It works perfectly, and has lots of customization options. I am really surprised that it is not more popular. Works perfectly in Gutenberg without any issues. I hope the developer keeps actively updating this plugin because it is perfect

This plugin does one thing and it does it better than all the rest! I tried the image compare block included with Jetpack and it caused CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) Issues on my page. I tried Two other plugins offering image comparison blocks with the same issue. This one just works! Also allows you to change the images once you add the block which the Jetpack block did not.

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